The Journey

It seems like everywhere you look everyone is making money on a side hustle and all I can think is,  “If they can do it, so can I.” Where do you start though? I’ve tried the multi-level marketing options, or pyramid schemes like my husband calls them. They all seem so easy, you sell goods and make money. Who doesn’t like to shop? You always hear these amazing success stories but one thing is for sure, those are definitely not for me. Then I think, maybe YouTube, I watch these videos and say, “I could do that!” But taking the time to record a video and edit a video? Who has time for that?! Then tonight I read a post about making money on a blog. I have a few websites, I love writing posts for it, but I have never been able to figure out one consistent idea or what to do with them.

I read this post, looking for some major enlightenment. I believed this person obviously has all the answers, they learned from their mistakes and now have a successful blog. I skimmed the article looking for my favorite, numbered bullet points. No such luck. So I read that entire article and I clicked on the recommended links. First, they wrote that you should write what you enjoy, duh! I did end up learning two things though. Don’t expect to profit, especially anytime soon, and I really hate blogs that give a thesis and never deliver the message! I read the article and there was no ah-ha moment, no sense of enlightenment. There were cool links on the bottom that looked promising but I had to sign up for an email newsletter to get the information. I don’t know about you, but I’ve done that a few times and I learned two things from that experience. First, I never get what I signed up for or I never get around to reading it cause I forget about it. Second, you can never unsubscribe! The emails just keep coming no matter how many times you tell them to go away, you’re on a list now and it’s the worst one! If I do not delete my email daily I end up with over a 100 messages and I know I should block most of it but maybe, just maybe, one day there will be something I actually care about. But I digress, which I do often.

I have decided on what type of blog I want, one that completely and utterly represents me. I don’t have one thing I’m interested in, or one thing I want to talk about, or only one thing I like to do. I am working on my finances, my diet, and maintaining a household. I like to craft, refinish furniture, write, and bake. Just like in life, I want to have a blog that is like me with variety and different topics that appeal to what life is really like. We are not all cookie cutters and I don’t have just one thing going on. I get bored and I like to try new things. I never really master anything, but I think it helps me do a lot in life. I may not stick with one consistent blog type or even the same topic in a post but I do promise to actually cover what I say I will. I will also never cross-post something that makes you sign up for a newsletter or make you click on multiple pages to see the next part of the article, those are the worst. What I will do is give a common sense approach to life. Share lessons I’ve learned from mistakes I’ve made, ACTUAL lessons. I’ll also share my successes and failures because sometimes hearing what works and doesn’t work for someone else helps us realize what will work for us.

There is one thing we tend to always forget, we are all different and unique. Some people are in their own way of unique but we can all learn from each other if we just listen. Hopefully, some of my random rants and rambling will help you achieve your best self while I work towards my best self. Which is probably why I can’t stick with one thing because I’m not focusing on one thing in my own life. I also don’t have just one hobby, so who knows what fun ideas I will share. Enjoy getting a glimpse into my random mind where I can go from talking about weight-loss, saving money, scrapbooking, organizing my house, to painting. You never know where you will travel. Let’s go down the rabbit hole. 

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