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The Munchies

Posted by Nichole Kay on  July 18, 2016
Category: GiveMomBrownies
The munchies are my least favorite side effect from using marijuana. The year before I had lost 30 pounds and was really enjoying how that made me feel. When I started taking marijuana all the problems that had made me lose the weight were no longer a problem. I wasn’t nauseated so the thought of eating appealed to me for the first time in a long time. I realized the more I ate the better

Occupation: Author

Posted by Nichole Kay on  July 16, 2016
If you read my last post it was a lot about discovering being an author. I think the main take away is I think after years of trying to figure it out, I have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up! I am excited about that.  However, this may turn into my most stressful an exhausting job ever, well next to being a mom. Let’s face it being a mom

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Posted by admin on  July 13, 2016
People have started to call me an author. In my entire life, I never seriously considered the option of being an author. I always thought it would be something that you just did in your spare time. No one could actually make a living being an author. You had to have an amazing idea and a series! I never thought for a moment that could be me. The thought of being an author was like

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