Cake for Breakfast!

There is nothing in life I enjoy more than family breakfast. After a busy week of school and work there is not much time for a nice relaxing breakfast during the week. We often grab something quick on our way out or have a bowl of cereal.  On weekends, when everyone is home and we are having a lazy quiet day, I love making a big breakfast.

We usually have potatoes mixed with some veggies and cheese, some sort of meat but my favorite is always the things we do to accompany that side.  Sometimes it is German Pancakes, which are amazing.  Cinnamon french toast is always a hit and if I am feeling motivated perhaps waffles.  Often though, we go for old faithful and have pancakes.  They are great, they are easy leftovers that we can eat the rest of the week for a quick breakfast.

I do not make those bisquick pancakes though, we have learned to step up our pancake game and have it down to an art.  We used to buy the pancake mixes and use those, they are fine but offer little variety. I would scour the internet for other pancake recipes, red velvet is always a hit and we found an amazing banana pancake recipe. However, those are time consuming and sometimes you do not feel like making pancakes from scratch with 10 different ingredients. We have discovered the art of turning any cake mix into pancakes. They are magical. It is so much easier and you can usually get cake mixes on sale for a dollar.  This keeps your baking supplies low that you need on hand, the recipes are quick and you can get pretty creative with what you make.

We started with Red Velvet pancakes and using a red velvet cake mix. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the mix and my made from scratch pancakes. I did make a lot less mess and had a lot fewer ingredients. We also have made funfetti pancakes, the children love those with the sprinkles inside.  They are like mini cupcakes but they are pancakes and I feel no shame having them for breakfast! I also have them for lunch, dinner and a snack because they are absolutely amazing. The key to these amazing pancakes is the frosting though. You have to have frosting on them. My children always refer to our pancakes as “frosting pancakes.” Red Velvet of course gets cream cheese frosting.  We recently made the funfetti pancakes with rainbow chip frosting. Rainbow chip frosting is my favorite frosting, I love the little chips and I was devastated when they took it off the market. When I found it again, I seriously bought a few containers, baked like crazy and had a minor sugar overload, so I do not recommend od’ing on rainbow chip frosting no matter how good it tastes.

If you are like me and enjoy breakfast, but get sick of the same old breakfast foods, you have to try out this pancake recipe. You pick any box and you have instant pancakes and they are always perfect. I hope you enjoy!

Pancake Recipe

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